Word Processor vs. Pencil – FIGHT!

Well. This is annoying. I’m going to have to start handwriting my first drafts. It’s been years since I wrote anything by hand. Except shopping lists.

So why start now?

I make my living as a freelance copyeditor, translator and ghostwriter. It’s not unusual for me to spend eight to ten hours at the computer hammering away to pay the bills. And then another two to four writing fiction. 

You can see where this is going.

Repetitive fucking strain symptoms. They’re minor, at the moment. But if I don’t do something about this right now …


So. Long story short, one of the steps I’m taking is to write fiction by hand.  

I’m interested to see how this will affect the quality of my writing and the nature of the process. It might even turn out to be a good thing – some people say it’s easier to hear your voice when you’re writing by hand. 

So – we’ll see, eh?


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