I’ve been taking a break from writing. These past two months, I haven’t written anything new. It’s not the first time. Usually these idle periods last a few months, but the longest break I took was well over a year.

These hiatuses usually signal shifts in my interests.

That’s definitely true this time. I’ve done all I wanted to do with the kinds of stories I’ve been writing. Boredom was setting in. Time to try something different again, something that feels fresh. It would be safer to stick to the tried and true, but I figure that if I’m not evolving (or devolving, as the case may be), what’s the point? Where’s the fun in that?

I’ll be back. Could be a few weeks. Or a month or two.


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Genre tropes and plot arcs have been holding me back. I need to be surprised by fiction, and to surprise myself — and increasingly often I find that the stories (both in literature and film) I’m interested in are the ones that capture moments in time and out of time — I know, that sounds really vague, but think of a film by Wong Kar-Wai or Tarkovsky, for instance. I find myself getting bored and restless unless the narrative is entirely character-driven or somehow subverted. I think I’ve become much too familiar with all the possible permutations of plot, and all that I can do is go beyond that.

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