New Story: “Gesprek Nonstop” in Siren #6

One of my stories, “Gesprek Nonstop,” was published in the latest issue of Siren, a zine specializing in experimental art. The issue features plenty of unusual and adventurous work, ranging from poetry to photography, and I’m pleased to be included in it. Check it out here.


Helsinki Noir

Helsinki Noir, a collection of crime stories set in Helsinki, is available in both English (Akashic Books) and Finnish (Like).

My contribution is “The Silent Woman”, a satirical tale that takes the most prototypical noir storyline imaginable (a femme fatale, a fall-guy loser and murder for money) and transplants it to Helsinki. I wanted to see what would happen if you were to play out that age-old story in the Finnish social environment. It’s mainly an excuse for dark culture-clash comedy, as the narrator is a self-absorbed, self-pitying Brit. The reviews are all over the place, as could be expected, with one newspaper reviewer selecting it as one of the best of the collection and another singling it out as one of the worst.

I’ve been slow to post about Helsinki Noir due to the death of the editor, James Thompson. RIP, good buddy.


Check out this new literary magazine

My mates in the Hague have launched a new online literary magazine focusing on intercultural writing — Cecile’s Writers. I have a story in the first issue. It also features great pieces by Katherine Heiny, Peter Crowe, Ray Jewell and Vyvyan Fox. Check it out here.

If you’re an intercultural writer or expat, submit a story to them!

Publication – “Death in Life Songs” in Albedo One

Issue #43 of Albedo One, Ireland’s spec-fic magazine, is now available in print and digital editions. Not only does it feature a cool selection of stories, a host of writers and editors share their thoughts on what they feel is the most important issue for writers today.

My story, “Death in Life Songs,” is magic realist noir. Check it out.